ask a question, any question.

most of the times i've heard someone utter this challenge, it's because they had a sizeable lexicon of knowledge and experience, and it made sense for them to do so. [or, they simply had an overconfidence of such credentials and the result ended up being hollow.] an impressive example of the former scenario was my pastor in college, dr. tom westbrook. he would occasionally speak to students with the same theme as this post: an entire "sermon" consting of gool old q&a. however, he was exceptionally wise and educated, and his answers seemed to help people make sense of their various confusions.

i think one very positive fruit of postmodernism -- especially in the context of christianity -- is a shift from a paradigm of modernist apologia and dogma to that of questioning and deconstruction. i have always been extremely inquisitive, and that insatiable inquisitiveness has frequently poured into questions about truth, god, life, love, etc. however, asking such questions in some of the christian circles i've been a part of has not always been met with humble dialogue, but usually it's more like someone runs to get their quasi-metaphysical (or biblical) fire extinguisher to snuff out any tension the question may have effected.

i should make one thing very clear: i do not have all or even most of the answers. but in the last few years, i have tried to become as fearless as i can about asking hard questions in pursuit of truth. i think the fear of questioning has paralyzed much of the modern church. many christians do not know why they believe what they believe, and worse: some don't even care as long as they can fit into their respective faith institutions and feel somewhat normal.

nevertheless, i should clarify my point though: i don't want to convey that all faith must be rational and explainable, but quite the opposite. i do agree with kierkegaard and barth that to truly believe in god one must actually experience doubt and at some point, make an irrational and "absurd" leap of faith.

so to conclude this unorganized meandering post: i believe that maintaining an environment where asking questions is not only accepted but encouraged is a healthy thing. not because of the giving out of answers, but because there is value in asking a question and creating positive dialogue. without that our modern society will never grow up.

so: what's your question?? let's all tackle them together.

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